What is a denture reline?

Over time your bone and gum will slowly shrink, which changes the shape of the ridges that support your denture. This may result in a denture that no longer fits as well as it used to. The solution may be a reline for your complete or partial denture.

The two most common types of denture relines are hard and soft relines.

Hard denture reline

A hard reline is created by placing a soft putty inside the denture and then placing the denture inside of the mouth, which allows the gums to mould it into shape. The putty is then taken out and sent to a lab, where a hard acrylic replica is created. This replica is then permanently fitted inside the denture.

Soft denture reline

A soft reline follows the same procedure but uses a softer, more pliable material. The material may resemble hard rubber. Soft relines are typically used for patients who get sore spots from wearing dentures, which makes hard relines too painful to wear. It is used as a temporary replacement for hard relines while the gums heal and is replaced with a hard reline once the healing process is over.

Denture Relines in Caddens, Penrith

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