Denture repairs

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A denture repair refers to fixing either a part of or the entire framework of a denture. The most common type is a single tooth repair or replacement, although, in many cases, multiple teeth may need to be fixed.

While the prosthetic appliance is built to withstand the rigours of everyday use, the average lifespan of a denture seldom exceeds 20 years. Therefore, no matter how well you take care of your denture, there’s a good chance that you may need to get it fixed from time to time.

From denture repairs to denture cleaning and polishing, we are well-equipped with the skills and knowledge to return your denture to its original state. We offer a comprehensive range of services that cover all types of dentures, including full, partial or implant-supported dentures. Using specialised tools, quality materials and proven methods, our denture repair services meet the highest standards of hygiene, safety and effectiveness.

Damage to dentures

Accidental damage to your dentures is quite common, even to the most careful denture wearers. Damage is often caused by dropping, and typically results in cracks, chips and even snapping off of teeth.

Having your dentures repaired quickly is important so that you don’t have to go without for very long.

Don’t delay a denture repair…

Even if it’s just a loosened part or hairline crack in your denture, don’t brush it aside as a small issue. Many denture wearers ignore or delay smaller repair works only to find the damage become more difficult – and expensive – to fix later on. To prolong the lifespan of your dental appliance, dentists and denturists alike recommend routine maintenance of your dentures.

You may be tempted to fix your denture yourself with the help of a DIY kit. Resist that temptation if you don’t want to end up with a badly patched up denture that no longer fits in your mouth. Although it may look like an easy fix, that is rarely the case. Your denture is an oral appliance that you wear inside your mouth. It is exposed to daily grinding pressures from chewing and biting. Whether for hygiene or structural reasons, your broken dental prosthesis should be taken to an experienced denturist, who has the proper tools and skills required to restore the denture back to its original condition.

A botched denture repair, resulting in an ill-fitting prosthetic appliance, can even damage your teeth, gums and surrounding soft tissues. The risks associated with DIY fixes not only outweigh the perceived savings, you may end up spending much more compared to getting it professionally repaired in the first instance.

Emergency denture repairs

It is not uncommon for a denture wearer to require immediate denture repair services. Your denture may have been fractured by an external impact or dropped on the floor and broken in half. Some of these incidents may qualify as a denture emergency, in which case the professional assistance of a denture repair specialist is required at short notice. As a dental device that remains in your mouth for long periods at a time, the denture must be delicate enough to fit in your mouth without adding any extra bulk. Although removable dentures are made from strong wire-reinforced acrylic material, the intricate design makes them more fragile in form and susceptible to damage. Sharp or sudden knocks can cause fracture, breakage or loosen a tooth.

When you require emergency denture repairs, making the wrong decision can cost both time and money. If you have never required the service in the past, looking for the right repairs specialist during an emergency can be even trickier. We are fully equipped to handle most types of emergency repairs with regards to your prosthetic device. Unless the plate is beyond salvaging, we are able to restore the device back to mint condition – replacing missing teeth, fixing a chip, or even restoring dentures that are broken in half.

For the sake of oral hygiene, aesthetics or comfort, you shouldn’t accept anything less than a professionally repaired denture. The dental device is made to exact dimensions so that it fits snugly in your mouth. When it comes to denture repairs, there is no room for mistakes. Even the slightest offset when putting the device back together can cause irritation, sores, pain and discomfort.

Like any other emergencies, time is of the essence when dealing with a denture crisis. You would naturally want to repair the denture as soon as possible – very few people keep a spare denture as an emergency substitute because it is too costly an option.

In the event of a denture emergency, here are some useful tips to help you along:

  • Broken denture/ tooth falls out: Keep all the pieces together and bring to our practice. The sooner you get this done, the less likely you will lose a fragment of the original part that may complicate the repairs.
  • Temporary fix: Never use superglue on the denture. Avoid DIY kits as the materials/tools used in the kits may damage the denture – sometimes beyond repair.
  • Don’t panic! Keep calm, collect the pieces and bring them down to the practice. With our advanced tools and technology, you would get back your beautiful smile as good as new and in the shortest time possible.

Denture Repairs in Caddens, Penrith

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